Grade 5 - A complete Year of Daily Common Core Reading Practice

18 months and three editors later, I am finished!  This project has definitely been a labor of love.  A full year of Grade 5 Daily Common Core Reading Practice is complete. Click Here To Access It
This document contains 200 different, quick Common Core reading passages and Common Core aligned questions for each day of the school week.  This has been one of my top selling products, and now it has been combined into a complete one year bundle.
This document is quick and can be easily used as morning review when students first enter the classroom or as nightly homework.  The passages use the same types of professional writing techniques as award winning novels and cover the same types of themes and topics that are covered in fifth grade in order to provide authentic practice.
The questions are text dependent and are asked in multiple choice, short written response, and close reading formats to reflect the variety of formats of questions on the Common Core Assessments.  The questions are written at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy to encourage students to analyze and deeply understand what they read.
The document provides an opportunity for students to review inferences, details, character analysis, text structure, theme, author's purpose and more topics in short, daily doses.  This supports brain research about providing constant review to help what students learn stick in long term memory.
All informational text passages are not made the same.  The informational text passages in the document focus on topics that really matter and are commonly taught in school such as animal adaptions, the Pony Express, moon phases, plants, and more.  Poetry, plays, realistic fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction passages are all included to assist students with learning about Common Core in multiple formats.

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