Fun Idea for Distance Teaching and Distance Learning

I am on a serious mission to make distance learning fun.  What better way to spice it up than with chips!

What I loved most is that students liked the interaction of doing a crafty type of tutorial.  The good news is that it relates to things they should learn, addition facts.

I used card stock paper to make the tortillas.  They started out white.  I colored each one a sunny yellow and added tan, orange, and brown speckles to them to create a realistic look.

The "potato chip" bag is a sheet of copy paper that was folded book style in half.  I colored only the front part of "the book" and glued the bottom and sides of the bag to represent all of splendor of a chip bag.  Last, I wrote a math fact on the front of each chip.  I put the answer on the back of each one.  This is a fun way to review math facts.  We spent 15 minutes of class time making the bags and chips.  Students made any type of chips that they wanted.  They really had a great time.

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