A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3

A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3
A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3
A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3
A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3
A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3

A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3

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Looking for an ultimate Common Core reading document to help your third-grade students practice their reading skills throughout the year? Look no further than "A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3"!

This comprehensive document provides 200 different passages - that’s 40 weeks' worth! - for your students to use as quick and convenient Common Core reading practice. The questions are text-dependent and include a variety of question types, such as multiple choice, close reading, and short written responses.

With "A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3" at your disposal, you can use these passages as morning bell work or as nightly Common Core homework, helping your students effectively practice their reading skills in a fun and engaging way.

This document covers all of the Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standards, with many of the standards repeating throughout the weeks to ensure steady review. What's more, questions are written at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy to help students understand each standard more deeply. Students will explore various reading topics, such as inference, character analysis, theme of a text, details, vocabulary, main idea, summarizing, text structure, author's purpose, and more.

The passages provide authentic practice for students, as they're written with the same techniques as award-winning novels and classic literature. Additionally, each week's passages are thematic, allowing your students to explore a topic in-depth, making it the perfect way to integrate social studies and science with reading.

Don't wait to upgrade your Common Core reading practice - order "A Full School Year (Daily Common Core Reading) Grade 3" now and let your students unlock the secrets of efficient and effective reading!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 839 reviews
Lauren C.
Extremely Satisfied

This a great resource for assessing standards quickly! I sat in on a classroom that used this for a reading warm-up. I immediately bought it for my class.

Katherin S.
Extremely Satisfied

This is one of the BEST purchases I've ever made for my classroom. It hits all of the standards and gives me a spot evaluation of their understanding of the standard.

Sassy Sullivan's Spectacular Stuff
Extremely Satisfied

Awesome resource! My students really learned a lot from this resource!

Christine H.
Extremely Satisfied

This is great test prep! They are able to complete it in a short amount of time. It is just right for a daily boost! Thank you!

Kristina W.
Very Satisfied

I really like this resource. The content is great and it covers so much. The formatting could be better, but I am personally a picky person over visuals. I think improving upon the visual aspect of this resource may make it more engaging for students. Too much text and not enough visual attraction can overload and daunt students. Overall I would repurchase this resource again due to the extensive content it provides. It serves as an excellent prep material. Thank you!

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