175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages

175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages
175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages
175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages
175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages

175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages

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Looking for a comprehensive reading practice for your Grade 4 students? Look no further, as we present you with our 175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages! With every Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standard covered, this document is the key to easy and steady targeted practice.

With 175 easily manageable daily passages included, you can use this as a daily bell ringer to kickstart your class. Whether you're reviewing relevant informational text, literature topics, or honing reading comprehension skills, this document is an all-rounder.

What sets this document apart is its alignment with Grade 4 Common Core Standards, ensuring that your students get steady, thorough practice. Whether it's multiple-choice questions or close-reading analysis, every question comes with the relevant standard number for easy monitoring of progress.

What's more, our product includes passages from different genres, including realistic fiction, poetry, plays, folktales, historical fiction, and fantasy stories. This helps ensure that your students get a well-rounded education across multiple genres.

At every level of Bloom's Taxonomy, we cover skills such as making inferences, identifying the main idea, understanding author's purpose and theme, comparing and contrasting various texts, identifying figurative language, and many more. This helps promote a deep understanding of Common Core.

Our product also comes with a complete answer key, making it easy for you to check for any learning gaps or to clarify any doubts. And to top it all off, we keep adding more passages to our product regularly, so you always get your money's worth.

So don't wait any longer. Give your students the best possible start to their reading journey with our 175 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 468 reviews
Gayle T.
Extremely Satisfied

This is an excellent way to spiral review standards. Great for morning work, homework, early finishers or task cards.

Christine H.
Extremely Satisfied

Absolutely what we needed to practice for our high-stakes test! Thank you!

Estrellita Designs
Extremely Satisfied

I used this resource in third grade and knew that when I was moved to fourth, I still wanted to use. It is a great resource!

Michelle K.
Extremely Satisfied

Perfect for homework practice.

Sheryl S.
Extremely Satisfied

I used this for daily morning work. The passages are short and engaging. The questions reflect the standards. Great way to review the standards.

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